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Plastic fantastic!

Following the Bank of England unveiling its new £5 note to be made from plastic, we’re celebrating the strengths (literally!) of plastic products. Choosing plastic over the traditional cotton paper for the new fiver is a decision based on the material’s durability. The Bank of England also feels that notes made from plastic will be harder to counterfeit. An added bonus of plastic notes is that they’re easier to keep clean. It’s a news story that caught our attention: we’re always among the first to extol the virtues of plastic... Read More


Latest News! Ed Miliband Spotted Admiring Lime Green Wham Laundry Basket

With election day looming, we spotted this picture, and thought we would keep things light.  Whatever your political preference, you have to admit that, despite the heated debates all of the leaders will at some point have used a plastic laundry basket, and this gave us a little laugh! Not only is Ed Miliband getting down with the young crowd and has become the latest pin up, but he also has amazingly fashionable taste in laundry baskets.  Clearly in this picture he is admiring the lime green Wham laundry basket... Read More


The Plastic Box Shop Top 5 Most Bizarre Uses for a Plastic Box

Our Box Boffin’s get all sorts of requests for plastic storage boxes of all shapes and sizes and to store all sorts of things. But every now and again we will get a corker of a request. Here’s our top 5 requests: Do you have a storage box to……………………………..   1. To store a cows leg 2. To wash a large dog 3.  To store plaster casts of footprints (very CSI!) 4. To use as a hedgehog house and our personal favourite….. 5.  To hold water in a car to... Read More