Moving House


Box clever as you move house

If you’re swapping packing for a holiday for packing to move house this year, you’re not alone. We’re entering the busiest period for house moves in the UK, with around 50% of all house moves taking place between August and November. Moving house soon? Chances are you’re already surrounded by boxes. Get the right boxes and the whole job will be much easier. And that’s where we can help you! Cardboard boxes are all very well, but what happens if it’s raining on your moving day? Traditional cardboard boxes will... Read More


Need Boxes for Moving Home? Cardboard versus Plastic? Here’s a Quick Guide

Moving Using Plastic Boxes Versus Cardboard Boxes We often having people phoning up and asking for boxes to move house.  Their first instinct is to ask do we sell cardboard storage boxes, and while yes we do. The benefits of plastic storage boxes can sometimes out way the benefits of cardboard boxes. Here’s our quick guide to help you decide……………. Cardboard storage box benefits: The material used to make cardboard boxes is cheaper Specific sizes can be made to order easier They can have better printing and graphic capabilities They... Read More