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Tips to help you avoid ‘stuffocation’ this Christmas!

It’s time for the pre-Christmas declutter – yep, that’s an actual ‘thing’! This may be a fairly new concept but we reckon it makes perfect sense to take some stuff OUT of your home in December to make way for everything that Father Christmas is going to bring IN (hopefully!). It’s the way to avoid ‘stuffocation’, the feeling that your home is cluttered and untidy and which, it’s been proven, can raise our stress levels. As the kids rush to open a door on their advent calendars each morning, we... Read More

When kitchen storage gets spicy!

Urgh, it’s the season of coughs and colds alright! There have already been a few circulating PlasticBoxShop HQ this month. As we’ve sniffled our way through boxes and boxes of tissues, we’ve all been interested to read that one of the simplest way to fight – and possibly even stave off – the cold virus is to include spices in your diet. Sounds easy enough and we’re more than happy to try it, particularly if it means we can tuck into dishes like this tasty-looking curried fish stew by Jamie... Read More


Don’t need it till spring? Stash it under your bed!

As the leaves turn brown and the central heating clicks on, there’s no denying that summer is well and truly over. It’s time to dig out your winter woollies and pack away your linens – and we have the perfect storage solutions to keep them out of the way all winter long. From neat underbed storage to large loft containers, we’ve got plastic boxes to help you declutter your wardrobe and pack away your out-of-season clobber. Got space below your bed? Use up every available inch with our underbed boxes... Read More


Our tips for organising your bathroom

Got a bathroom cabinet that’s choc-full of lotions, potions, bottles and tubes? Afraid to open it for fear of a toiletries torrent? Allow PlasticBoxShop to come to your rescue! We’ve got lots of ideas to help you with your bathroom storage problems. Whether your bathroom is a minimalist haven, an explosion of colour or a space with natural fabrics and finishes, we reckon our plastic boxes can help you keep your bathroom tidy and well organised. Love rattan? Baskets and boxes made from natural materials look nice but in damp... Read More

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Our tips for organising your utility room

Does your home have a utility room, a dedicated space for things like your washing machine, ironing board and cleaning products? Lucky you! Having a utility room brings the benefits of keeping the kitchen tidier and often quieter, confining noisy washing machines and tumble driers to a room further away from the home’s main living areas. Utility rooms range in size, from a small space just large enough to house laundry appliances, to bigger rooms with an external door that can function as boot rooms for the family’s wellies –... Read More

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Let us help you get your shed & garage organised this bank holiday weekend

A bank holiday weekend awaits! If you’re planning to spend the extra day of this weekend getting your home more organised, PlasticBoxShop can help. We’ve got storage solutions for every room in the house – and beyond! Let us show you how you can organise your garden shed or garage to make it that bit easier to get those tiresome jobs around the house and garden done, leaving you more time to relax. Here are five of our recommendations for getting your garage or shed more organised this bank holiday... Read More

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Christmas all wrapped up for another year!

If one of your New Year resolutions is to put your house in order for 2016, why not start with packing away Christmas 2015? When the last mince pie has gone, we’ve all sung Auld Lang Syne and there are more pine needles on the carpet than the tree, the temptation is to sweep up all your Christmas clutter, dump it in the nearest bag or leftover cardboard box, and shove it out of sight and out of mind for another year. But won’t you regret it next December, when... Read More


Savvy shoppers swap bags for ‘flexi trugs’

If new 5p charge makes you a wild thing, try the trugs Savvy shoppers are finding new and sustainable ways to avoid the 5p charge for disposable carrier bags introduced across England this month. Some ‘solutions’ could land shoppers in hot water, as supermarkets reported a sharp rise in thefts of their wire baskets and even shopping trolleys in the week after the charge was introduced. One Tesco store resorted to security tagging its baskets after a third were stolen in just a week! Thankfully there are better ways to... Read More

PlasticBoxShop’s top 10 University student ESSENTIALS!

Heading to University next week? PlasticBoxShop’s Top Ten University Student Essentials have you covered with our great University #LifeHacks: 1. Doorstop – it’s crucial to seem approachable and friendly in the first weeks of a new term. 2. Laptop – essential for essays, watching iPlayer and sharing your new student life of social media. 3. Important Documents – your institution will ask you to bring various documents and forms of ID to enroll with ease. 4. Bedding – Halls of residence often have three-quarter sized beds – make sure your bedding... Read More

Great #lifehack for all you hobbycraft fans!

Thanks to PlasticBoxShop customer – Jan Carter sending in this for this great #lifehack for all you hobbycraft fans! Create your own wool harmony with; 36lt Allstore Plastic Storage Box with Clip on Lid (Pack of 2) – £25.20 (inc. VAT)  Plastic Insert Tray for Drawers for the 36lt Allstore Clip Box – £5.88 (inc. VAT) – each Allstore box has room for 3 trays. We love sharing your tips giving you pointers on productivity, getting things done and lifehacks – please email them to 🙂