Gary Lyons

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Our tips for organising your utility room

Does your home have a utility room, a dedicated space for things like your washing machine, ironing board and cleaning products? Lucky you! Having a utility room brings the benefits of keeping the kitchen tidier and often quieter, confining noisy washing machines and tumble driers to a room further away from the home’s main living areas. Utility rooms range in size, from a small space just large enough to house laundry appliances, to bigger rooms with an external door that can function as boot rooms for the family’s wellies –... Read More

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British box company reaching for the stars!

Achieving a remarkable milestone, award-winning online retailer PlasticBoxShop has become the first UK company to send a plastic storage box into space! “We’ve supplied boxes for major earth-bound events like the London 2012 Olympics,” said company founder Gary Lyons, “but sending a box into space opens up a whole new frontier for us!” Gary was contacted by the British Space Programme, which is sending a ‘home comforts’ package to British astronaut Major Tim Peake. He is currently serving as a crew member on board the International Space Station ─ the... Read More


Green boxes selling well – it must be Spring!

Turkeys sell well at Christmas, barbecues are hot sellers come spring and summer, but plastic storage boxes should see similar sales all year round ─ shouldn’t they? Not according to the ‘box boffins’ at PlasticBoxShop, the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic boxes in all shapes and sizes and for every purpose. Since plastic boxes are pretty much all they do, they are the experts in the field of what sells, and when. “It all depends on the box, and what it’s for,” explained company founder and chief ‘box boffin’... Read More

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Retailer boxing clever with Jesse doll giveaway

Thousands of ten-inch-tall, tough-talking, sideburn sporting storage superstars are set to invade British homes, thanks to award-winning online retailer PlasticBoxShop. Jesse McClure, star of hit American TV show Storage Hunters and its British spin-off Storage Hunters UK, is brand ambassador for the Yorkshire-based company, which sells plastic storage boxes in all shapes and sizes and for every purpose. Now the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic boxes is giving away free limited edition talking Jesse McClure dolls with every order over £60 placed through its website, “This has gotta... Read More


A high tech twist to ‘Open All Hours’

In a scene not far removed from the classic TV comedy ‘Open All Hours’, Gary Lyons used to stack a few dozen plastic storage boxes on the pavement outside his Yorkshire discount store. Now he stacks thousands of them a hundred feet high in a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution centre, with instant access to millions of pounds worth of stock. It’s been quite a journey for the canny Yorkshireman and his wife Lisa, who have together gone from ‘corner shop’ to the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic box storage... Read More

Boxing clever, Gary and Lisa Lyons outside the hardware shop in Thirsk which spawned their online business PlasticBoxShop. 15/07/2015

Online ‘storage superhero’ Gary is boxing clever

From a discount hardware store in a Yorkshire market town selling plastic boxes stacked on the pavement outside, to an innovative online business targeting a £10m. turnover in the next three years. That’s the remarkable success story of 41-year-old Gary Lyons, founder and operations director of PlasticBoxShop – the online one-stop-shop for every kind of plastic storage solution. Born and raised in the small town of Yarm, at the very top of North Yorkshire, Gary studied Business Administration and Management at Newcastle business school before entering the corporate world, working... Read More