Plastic manufacturer and retailer come up with positive solution to Chinese plastic import ban

Over 66% of plastic that the British public recycle from their home has previously been shipped out of the country – with China importing 500 tonnes per year! However, In January the Chinese banned all imported plastic recycling leaving the UK with a huge problem on what to do with all the extra recycled plastic sat in recycling centres across Britain.   What more UK, manufacturer, and PlasticBoxShop, retailer, were eager to find a solution on what to do with the extra plastic left from the exportation ban. Through recent improvements in infrared sorting... Read More


Fall in love with our strong storage – or your money back!

Love doesn’t come with a money back guarantee, but these Wham Bam super tough storage boxes do! If you’re looking for robust storage for home or work, we reckon the Wham Bam range is your perfect partner. A need for storage that can protect your stuff + the Wham Bam box = a match made in heaven! We are so confident that everyone will love the strength and durability of the Wham Bam boxes that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee to anyone that isn’t swept off their... Read More


Happy Tidy New Year!

When do you take down your Christmas decorations? Are you keen to clear the clutter as soon as the turkey leftovers are all scoffed? Or are you more of a traditionalist, leaving your tree up until Twelfth Night on 5th January? In a straw poll we did around the office, we found that almost half of our staff like to tidy away their decorations before Big Ben’s chimes have even begun – bah humbugs, the lot of ‘em! Whatever your post-festive season tidy up habits, we’ve got solutions for storing... Read More


Tips to help you avoid ‘stuffocation’ this Christmas!

It’s time for the pre-Christmas declutter – yep, that’s an actual ‘thing’! This may be a fairly new concept but we reckon it makes perfect sense to take some stuff OUT of your home in December to make way for everything that Father Christmas is going to bring IN (hopefully!). It’s the way to avoid ‘stuffocation’, the feeling that your home is cluttered and untidy and which, it’s been proven, can raise our stress levels. As the kids rush to open a door on their advent calendars each morning, we... Read More

Snow doubt about it, we’re great for winter essentials!

Snow can be hazardous – but lots of fun too. Luckily, at PlasticBoxShop we’ve got products to help you stay safe AND enjoy yourself when the white stuff starts to fall. Got footpaths and driveways to keep clear? Check out The Snowminator, our largest plastic snow shovel. Made from lightweight plastic and with a metal-edged scoop measuring 40cm across, it can help you clear areas of snow faster than you can say ‘Jack Frost’! This highly durable shovel gains extra strength from its ergonomic metal handle, and the grip padding... Read More

Bake and take this Christmas!

It won’t be long before our TV screens are chock-full of celebrity chefs giving us their take on festive fayre as they attempt to inspire us to cook our own Christmas treats. Brace yourselves for Nigella, Mary and Jamie making it all look so easy – and flipping tempting too! Taking the time to lovingly prepare your own Christmas pudding and cakes for family and friends, if you’ve got the time, can be so satisfying, not to mention a great way of saving money. Here at PlasticBoxShop we’ve got plenty... Read More


Made In Britain

No matter whether you were an inny or an outty in the summer’s Brexit vote, we’re sure you’ll agree that the UK’s manufacturing industry is to be celebrated.  We’re proud to say that around 95% of the products we sell here at PlasticBoxShop are British made. That includes our best selling range of Wham Crystal storage boxes. These transparent storage boxes are brilliant for seeing at a glance what’s inside. They’re cost effective too, offering a great solution for both business and the home. Wham Crystal boxes are available in 14... Read More

When kitchen storage gets spicy!

Urgh, it’s the season of coughs and colds alright! There have already been a few circulating PlasticBoxShop HQ this month. As we’ve sniffled our way through boxes and boxes of tissues, we’ve all been interested to read that one of the simplest way to fight – and possibly even stave off – the cold virus is to include spices in your diet. Sounds easy enough and we’re more than happy to try it, particularly if it means we can tuck into dishes like this tasty-looking curried fish stew by Jamie... Read More


Wham Clip boxes: secure storage for items big and small

From drawing pins to the kids’ toy figures, from paperwork to household tools, we understand that you want to store your stuff securely. That’s why we love the Wham Clip range. Wham Clip boxes have completely secure fitting lids with clips at either end of the box that move into position easily, keeping your stuff safe inside. Manufactured here in the UK, these plastic boxes are stackable with their lids on, and nest neatly inside one another when empty. They range in size from the dinky 250ml capacity, right up... Read More

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Win the hidden British Treasure!

Win the hidden British Treasure! It’s an exciting week for PlasticBoxShop brand ambassador Jesse McClure as his brand new TV show airs – and all of us at PlasticBoxShop HQ are thrilled for him! British Treasure, American Gold will air for the first time at 8pm on Wednesday 19 October on Freeview channel Quest. The show sees former Storage Hunters star Jesse travel the length and breadth of the UK in his 1978 black Pontiac Firebird – which Jesse affectionately calls Lilly – searching for antiques and collectibles. He visits... Read More