Plastic Box Shop Celebrate Being ‘Excellent’ at 10,000+ Reviews

The boffins at plasticboxshop HQ were celebrating last month after reaching a milestone of 10,000 reviews with a rating of excellent. The company has gone through a lot of expansion and changes over the past 3 years, but the company has managed to keep its simple original goals of good old-fashioned customer service combined with using the latest technology.

When upgrading the website late last year, every detail and decision was about trying to give the easiest and most informative online buying experience to the customer that they could. Improvements to this experience are an ongoing project, and they will never stop listening to their customers, and making improvements. Reading the reviews, and listening to their customers, allows for this continuous improvement to take place.

The founders also stayed committed to ‘keeping it human’ and having people talk to people. They never wanted to be a faceless call centre company. They have trained and retained staff so that the customers can call and have honest, expert advice when they need it.

After 10,000 reviews, being rated ‘Excellent’ is a real achievement for all of the Plastic Box Shop team. They will celebrate but not rest. The task of being ‘excellent’ is an ongoing journey and they are excited for the future.

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