Fall in love with our strong storage – or your money back!

Love doesn’t come with a money back guarantee, but these Wham Bam super tough storage boxes do!

If you’re looking for robust storage for home or work, we reckon the Wham Bam range is your perfect partner.

A need for storage that can protect your stuff + the Wham Bam box = a match made in heaven!

We are so confident that everyone will love the strength and durability of the Wham Bam boxes that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee to anyone that isn’t swept off their feet by them!

Take the Wham Bam challenge and try our super strong boxes.

Wham Bam is a range of industrial strength boxes made of durable plastic that come complete with snap down lid. Choose from a variety of sizes from 2.3 litres capacity right up to a whopping 150 litres.

Wham Bam boxes are manufactured in the UK to be virtually indestructible. Made from super strong plastic that has been strength tested up to 400kg, this bulldog of a box can keep your belongings safe and dry. The material has been specially developed by British manufacturer What More UK to resist high impact damage, even at cold temperatures which can make some plastics brittle. They’re waterproof too.

The Wham Bam boxes come in a variety of colours, have snap shut lids and are stackable. And when they are not in use, the empty boxes nest inside one another for compact storage.

This is storage that can stand the test of time alright. Whether you choose to take your Wham Bam boxes home or put them to use at work, you’ll soon see they’re a keeper!

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