Tips to help you avoid ‘stuffocation’ this Christmas!

It’s time for the pre-Christmas declutter – yep, that’s an actual ‘thing’!

This may be a fairly new concept but we reckon it makes perfect sense to take some stuff OUT of your home in December to make way for everything that Father Christmas is going to bring IN (hopefully!). It’s the way to avoid ‘stuffocation’, the feeling that your home is cluttered and untidy and which, it’s been proven, can raise our stress levels.

As the kids rush to open a door on their advent calendars each morning, we edge one day closer to the deluge of toys and games that’s coming their way. The time to have a clear-out and get tidy is NOW – and we are the perfect people to help with storage solutions for children’s rooms or playrooms as you declutter.

Here at PlasticBoxShop we’ve got so many storage options that suit toys, craft supplies and other kiddie paraphernalia. Here’s a round-up of our 10 favourites:

  1. These colourful plastic toy trunks are great for keeping larger toys out of sight.
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  2. Underbed storage is a brilliant space saver and we’ve got lots of choice in transparent and coloured plastic, and with or without wheels. Kids will love these pink and purple and blue and green boxes!
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  3. This multi-coloured stacking system of boxes is brilliant for storing anything from action figures and Lego pieces to stationery and craft supplies – and it works equally well on a desktop, shelf or even on the floor.
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  4. These smart and colourful baskets are great for organising all manner of toys and smaller games, and stack neatly.
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  5. Open fronted containers work well in play rooms and toddlers’ rooms, giving younger children easy access to their toys. They’re easy to clean and colourful too!
  6. These storage cabinets keep things out of sight – and they double as great bedside tables for children’s rooms too!
  7. Looking to use every available inch of space? These storage boxes will fit on top of wardrobes and as they’re clear, it’s easy to see what’s stashed inside.
  8. Need storage you can easily move from one place to another? These Flexi trugs have comfortable carry handles – and you’ll love the range of bright colours.
  9. Got a bunch of tiny toys to tidy? Barbie doll accessories, action figures, and those bits and bobs that come in party bags (and that seem to hang around the house FOREVER!) can all be organised neatly in these mini storage containers with coloured lids.
  10. And these London vs New York graphic boxes are a stylish and affordable way to make a statement in teens’ rooms.

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Need help getting started with your decluttering? Check out our guide to decluttering your home for advice on various approaches you can take to make the job more manageable.

When it comes to children’s rooms specifically, as with any items that are surplus to requirements, if you child has toys that haven’t been played with for six months or more, consider getting rid of them. There’s a good chance you can remove such toys from your house without your little one even noticing! For anything you’re unsure of chucking, and in order to avoid any unnecessary (not to mention unpleasant!) meltdowns, create a holding area out of your child’s sight. Think of it as a halfway house on a toy’s journey to the charity shop (or bin). Anything that hasn’t been missed after a couple of weeks is fair game for leaving the house.

Or why not involve your children in the process of decluttering their rooms? For younger children in particular, it’s easy to turn tidying into a fun activity by getting a variety of boxes and setting them the challenge of putting different toys into different coloured boxes. Give them a time limit, think of a reward they’ll love and you’ve got yourself a tidying up game!

A great way of instilling a charitable nature in children is to ask them to consider giving away toys to children less fortunate than themselves. Get your child to select toys they no longer need or want and donate them to local charity shops. Make sure you take your child with you as you drop off your donation so they get a buzz from doing something for others.

What are your tips for organising children’s rooms? Share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites.

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