Snow doubt about it, we’re great for winter essentials!

Snow can be hazardous – but lots of fun too. Luckily, at PlasticBoxShop we’ve got products to help you stay safe AND enjoy yourself when the white stuff starts to fall.

Untitled-13Got footpaths and driveways to keep clear? Check out The Snowminator, our largest plastic snow shovel. Made from lightweight plastic and with a metal-edged scoop measuring 40cm across, it can help you clear areas of snow faster than you can say ‘Jack Frost’! This highly durable shovel gains extra strength from its ergonomic metal handle, and the grip padding half way down the shaft makes it even more comfortable to use.

Love our Wham Bam boxes? We think they make the perfect containers for rock salt and grit. Keep one in the garage or at the end of your driveway and you’ll be ready for action when the weather forecast says snow is on its way.

Strength tested to 400kg, the Wham Bam box is waterproof and made from a virtually indestructible material which stands up to the coldest of temperatures which can make some plastics brittle.

Pick up a Wham Bam box this winter. We’ve paired three sizes of box with handy scoops with soft grip handle. These boxes have snap shut lids to keep your grit clean and dry and are available in three different sizes – 24 litres, 62 litres and 92 litres – and priced from £10 to £20.

Click here for your chance to win a 62 litre grit box and scoop (NOW CLOSED).

So once the area around your home is safe from snowy hazards, it’s time to get out and play! We’ve got a fantastic selection of lightweight plastic sledges to keep the entire family happy when it’s time to enjoy the snow.

We love the cheap and delightfully named fun bum sledge, perfect for the smallest members of the family, and the stingray sledge which is large enough for an adult and two children to speed down the hills together. We’ve got plenty of other options too, including the stylish black GTI sledge which is fitted with all-important brakes. As all of our sledges are made from lightweight plastic, they are easy to carry back up to the top of the hill for slide after slide – until it starts to go dark! 1384870723-09951700

Check out our Snow Deals! Here’s your chance to grab some snow essentials at cool prices.

Snow Deal 1 Our ‘Old Faithful’ snow shovel with wide and durable plastic scoop & red plastic swordfish sledge suitable for children over the age of four – buy both for just £10

Snow Deal 2 A two pack of our swordfish sledges for £15.60

And retailers looking to get fast stock of good quality snow shovels will surely be interested in our Snow Deal 3 – a value pack of 20 ‘Old Faithful’ plastic snow shovels for £75

Click the links to buy online now. We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery, often dispatching orders the same day.

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