December 2016


Tips to help you avoid ‘stuffocation’ this Christmas!

It’s time for the pre-Christmas declutter – yep, that’s an actual ‘thing’! This may be a fairly new concept but we reckon it makes perfect sense to take some stuff OUT of your home in December to make way for everything that Father Christmas is going to bring IN (hopefully!). It’s the way to avoid ‘stuffocation’, the feeling that your home is cluttered and untidy and which, it’s been proven, can raise our stress levels. As the kids rush to open a door on their advent calendars each morning, we... Read More

Snow doubt about it, we’re great for winter essentials!

Snow can be hazardous – but lots of fun too. Luckily, at PlasticBoxShop we’ve got products to help you stay safe AND enjoy yourself when the white stuff starts to fall. Got footpaths and driveways to keep clear? Check out The Snowminator, our largest plastic snow shovel. Made from lightweight plastic and with a metal-edged scoop measuring 40cm across, it can help you clear areas of snow faster than you can say ‘Jack Frost’! This highly durable shovel gains extra strength from its ergonomic metal handle, and the grip padding... Read More