Wham Clip boxes: secure storage for items big and small

From drawing pins to the kids’ toy figures, from paperwork to household tools, we understand that you want to store your stuff securely. That’s why we love the Wham Clip range.

Wham Clip boxes have completely secure fitting lids with clips at either end of the box that move into position easily, keeping your stuff safe inside. Manufactured here in the UK, these plastic boxes are stackable with their lids on, and nest neatly inside one another when empty.

They range in size from the dinky 250ml capacity, right up to a whopping 62 litres capacity – with lots of unique sizes in between. And they come in both rectangular and square designs too, meaning there’s a Wham Clip box for every storage problem!

Just added to the website are some new Wham Clip colours: look out for our primary blue boxes with red lids and yellow clips. If a neutral, classy look is more your thing, we continue to sell the ever-popular clear plastic Wham Clip boxes with silver or graphite coloured lids.

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