When is a plastic box not just a plastic box?

When it’s got wheels, a lid, handy compartments and more!

Not all plastic boxes were created equal, and here at PlasticBoxShop we think we’ve got the biggest variety of plastic boxes for sale all in one place.

Looking for a plastic box with wheels? We’ve got wheeled boxes that are great for under bed storage, wheeled boxes with folding lids, sturdy wheeled boxes with clip-on lids, and you can choose from brightly coloured – perfect for kids’ bedrooms – a more functional black, or the Crystal clear boxes that help you see easily what’s inside. With capacity from 30 litres right up to 115 litres, there’s a wheeled box for every purpose. Check out our wheeled boxes range.

Need a lidded box to keep your belongings secure? From the super tough, heavy duty ALC boxes and WhamBam boxes to the brightly coloured Stack & Store boxes, there’s a plastic box with a lid to meet your needs. Whether it’s for storing food safely in the fridge, boxes to keep your office tidy, or stronger boxes suited to industrial use, we’ve got them all.

Not all lids are the same either: there’s the folding lid that prevents you having to remove the entire lid to get at what’s inside the box, crocodile style lids on our heavy duty boxes, secure clip on lids, different coloured lids to help you colour code your boxes, or clear lids that help you quickly identify what’s inside – so much choice! Browse our range of lidded boxes.

A popular choice for home storage solutions are our stackable plastic storage drawers. From mini desktop storage to larger drawers suitable for kids’ bedrooms and utility rooms, you can choose as many drawers as you like, in whatever configuration you like.

And crafters love our compartment boxes. These are great for all kinds of craft supplies, as well as making handy tool storage for the shed too. Check out our range of plastic boxes with compartments.

Sometimes, we know, you simply need a box with a base and four sides. No problem – we’ve got plenty of plastic boxes without lids too. Theses containers give you easy access to whatever’s inside, from stackable open boxes great for workshops and garages, to trays for organising papers on your desk at work. And we love these colourful flexi trugs that are great for home, school, work, the garden – anywhere!

We sell plenty of plastic products beside plastic boxes too! From pet food bowls to kitchen bins, lightweight garden planters to plastic drinks bottles, we’ve got so many other plastic products to add to your PlasticBoxShop order.

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