A strapping box fit for the great outdoors

Tough hands-free box is great for festivals, camping, sports events…

All the best ideas are simple ones, and some are simply brilliant!

It was feedback from a curious customer which gave Gary and Lisa Lyons, founders of online retailer PlasticBoxShop, the idea for their newest best seller.

As the name implies, their company specialises in selling plastic storage boxes for the home, office and industry. It lists boxes in virtually every size, shape, colour and for every purpose you could imagine on its website, www.plasticboxshop.co.uk

As the acknowledged expert in ‘all things plastic box’, it even has in-house ‘box boffins’ to advise customers on what type of box would best meet their particular need.

But even the box boffins were baffled by one customer’s question: “Do you have a good strong multi-purpose box that can be carried with no hands?”

What the customer needed was a box with a strap, so it could be carried while leaving the hands free for other things, like opening doors, holding a handrail while climbing stairs, using a mobile phone or just carrying other stuff.

“When you stop to think about it, it’s a really obvious thing,” said company founder Gary. “There are lots of bags with carrying straps, so why not boxes too?”

Armed with his customer’s question, Gary contacted one of his key suppliers, leading British plastic box manufacturer Wham, who were quick to devise a solution.

The result is PlasticBoxShop’s new ‘festival/camping/fishing’ ideal-for-the-great-outdoors box ─ and with summer coming it’s already selling fast.

“The core of the festival box is our super-tough 62-litre Wham BamBox, made from a new and ‘virtually indestructible’ plastic and with a tight-fitting snap-on lid,” explained Gary.

“What Wham have done is add a wide, strong strap with shoulder pad, attached to strong brackets which are factory-fitted to the box. It’s so simple that it’s almost genius!”

Designed to be extremely durable, the Wham BamBox is strength tested to 400kg, so campers and festival-goers can not only carry their kit easily to site, they can sit down on the box when they get there. It is also great for standing on to get a better view of the festival stage or the action at sports events. Its 62-litre capacity means it will swallow up a good range of essential kit, and it can all be carried over the shoulder.

“My own family got one of the boxes from our first consignment and it makes a great picnic box,” added Gary. “The only issue is who gets to sit on it and who sits on the cold damp ground.”

For more details of PlasticBoxShop’s new super-tough festival box with carrying strap, plus the thousands of other boxes it sells, visit: www.plasticboxshop.co.uk

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