British box company reaching for the stars!

Achieving a remarkable milestone, award-winning online retailer PlasticBoxShop has become the first UK company to send a plastic storage box into space!

“We’ve supplied boxes for major earth-bound events like the London 2012 Olympics,” said company founder Gary Lyons, “but sending a box into space opens up a whole new frontier for us!”

Gary was contacted by the British Space Programme, which is sending a ‘home comforts’ package to British astronaut Major Tim Peake. He is currently serving as a crew member on board the International Space Station ─ the scientific research station which is in continuous orbit 270 miles above the Earth.

“At first I thought it was someone pulling my leg, but the man from the BSP was very serious,” said Gary. “Apparently Major Peake has requested emergency supplies of some of the things he’s missing most while in space, including Marmite, custard creams, HP Sauce, vintage cheddar cheese and those mints with the hole. He also needs a new set of strings for his ukulele, which helps him pass the long hours when he’s off-duty.”

Gary explained that NASA had authorised the ‘home comforts’ shipment on board its next supply rocket, which launches today, April 1st.

But it specified the items must be securely packed in a durable, impact-resistant, ‘space ship white’ plastic box, no bigger than 30cm by 25cm and with a tight-fitting lid which can be secured with cable ties for the journey.

“Luckily our 16-litre virtually indestructible Wham BamBox met all their criteria,” said Gary. “It’s even made in Britain, which delighted the man at the British Space Programme.”

“The only modification we had to make was to fix strips of Velcro along the bottom of the box so it can be stuck down and won’t float around in Major Peake’s quarters. This also makes it our first ‘anti-zero-gravity’ plastic box!”

As a gesture of goodwill, Yorkshireman Gary waived the normal £6.50 cost of the box, saying he was prepared to donate it as part of his patriotic duty to the British Space Programme.

“I’m confident the astronauts will be ‘over the moon’ with our space box and this could be the first of many orders bound for outer space,” said Gary. “Today the world… tomorrow the universe!”


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