Green boxes selling well – it must be Spring!

Turkeys sell well at Christmas, barbecues are hot sellers come spring and summer, but plastic storage boxes should see similar sales all year round ─ shouldn’t they?

Not according to the ‘box boffins’ at PlasticBoxShop, the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic boxes in all shapes and sizes and for every purpose. Since plastic boxes are pretty much all they do, they are the experts in the field of what sells, and when.

“It all depends on the box, and what it’s for,” explained company founder and chief ‘box boffin’ Gary Lyons.

“We have some boxes that we sell for jobs linked to specific times of the year. For instance, at Christmas we sell organiser boxes with separate compartments that are great for storing delicate baubles and decorations, and an extra-large and long lidded box that we market for storing an artificial tree in.

“But there are other ranges of boxes that definitely see fluctuations in sales patterns depending on the time of the year. For instance, we have a whole section on our website ( devoted to ‘craft storage boxes’. While these sell steadily all year round, they definitely do better from October to March, and in fact this year we’ve sold more than ever before.”

Crafting ─ whether it is needlework, papercraft, beading, jewellery making, scrapbooking or a host of other crafty pastimes ─ is enjoying a revival across the UK, with a rash of new specialist magazines, websites and craft shops.

Green boxes selling well – it must be Spring!

Green boxes selling well – it must be Spring!

“Common sense tells us that people spend more time on their crafts during the long dark evenings of the winter months, so that’s when they’re buying craft materials and boxes to keep them in,” added Gary. “We stock almost 200 different storage solutions in our craft section, from baskets to carrycases, organisers and drawer units in all sizes and colours, so there’s something suitable for everyone beavering away through the winter.

“As the days get longer and the weather improves, we sell more DIY-type boxes as people sort out their garages and sheds and, of course, many more plastic planters and tough boxes and trugs suitable for working out in the garden.

“We also sell more green-coloured boxes in Spring than at any other time of the year, and if that’s not linked to the season I don’t know what is!”

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