This looks like a job for Jesse…

TV’s storage superhero helps clear up couple’s clutter

With a busy two-year-old in the house, keeping things tidy is a constant challenge for Lancashire couple Ashley and Lesley Whittaker.

But that challenge was met with a surprise visit from TV star and storage king Jesse McClure.

Ash and Lesley, of Coppull, near Chorley, were among dozens of people who entered an online ‘Jesse Challenge’ to get some celebrity support with clearing up their clutter. And they were thrilled when the star of hit TV show ‘Storage Hunters’ turned up on their doorstep ready to help.

As well as starring in Storage Hunters and its British spin-off Storage Hunters UK, cool Californian Jesse McClure is brand ambassador for PlasticBoxShop – the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic box storage solutions for the home and business.

It launched the ‘Jesse Challenge’ earlier this year, asking people to get in touch with their clutter calamities. Winners receive a personal visit from Jesse, plus £100 worth of PlasticBoxShop products to help them restore some order, whatever their storage challenge.

“We couldn’t believe it when we found out Jesse was coming,” said Ash. “He’s one of the main reasons I watch Storage Hunters, but I never expected him to turn up at our house and get stuck in with the tidying up.”

His wife Lesley added: “Our two-year-old daughter Laycie loves to play and create havoc, but she also loves tidying up. It’s just having somewhere to put things away.”

Jesse arrived armed with an array of boxes, bins and drawer units ideal for tidying away toys – and most of them in Laycie’s favourite colour, princess pink!

“It was great to meet the Whittakers and help them get their living room back,” said Jesse, who was in the UK to pick up an award at the National Reality TV Awards, in London.

“Little Laycie was awesome at tidying up – as soon as she had somewhere to put all her things it was Laycie who was getting me organised!”

To watch a video of the Jesse Challenge at the Whittakers’ home visit:

If you would like to take part in a future Jesse Challenge you can find details on the blog section of the PlasticBoxShop website ( or on its Facebook page at:

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