Savvy shoppers swap bags for ‘flexi trugs’

If new 5p charge makes you a wild thing, try the trugs

Savvy shoppers are finding new and sustainable ways to avoid the 5p charge for disposable carrier bags introduced across England this month.

Some ‘solutions’ could land shoppers in hot water, as supermarkets reported a sharp rise in thefts of their wire baskets and even shopping trolleys in the week after the charge was introduced. One Tesco store resorted to security tagging its baskets after a third were stolen in just a week!

Thankfully there are better ways to beat the bag charge and with a bit of thought and planning getting your shopping home can be easier than ever. A growing number of supermarket shoppers are turning to innovative plastic ‘flexi trugs’ as the ideal solution.

PBS flexi trugs for shopping 3These durable flexible containers come in various sizes, with strong carrying handles for lifting in and out of cars and trolleys. They will sit on their own bases and are far less likely to topple over and spill their contents than ordinary re-usable bags.

PlasticBoxShop, the UK’s leading online retailer of plastic storage and transportation solutions, sells flexi trugs as being suitable for a wide variety of purposes, but has seen a steady rise in their use for “the big shop”.

It began with shoppers at discount supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl, where customers are expected to quickly put their items straight back into the trolley after they pass across the till, then pack their bags at the rear of the store. Smart shoppers realised by dropping a couple of flexi-trugs into their trolley they could cut out the whole re-packing stage and simply transfer the trug from trolley to car.

Lisa Lyons, co-founder of PlasticBoxShop, said: “I’ve been using flexi trugs for my shopping for years now after getting some positive feedback from one of our customers about how she used them. It really does make the whole business a lot easier, especially if you’ve got kids in tow.

“I quite often get approached by complete strangers in the supermarket saying what a good idea and asking where they can get them. I’m happy to let them know!”PBS flexi trugs for shopping 2

PlasticBoxShop’s flexi trugs come in various sizes and colours, the 40-litre square ones being a good fit for a shopping trolley. The trugs will ‘nest’ inside each other and shoppers who keep a few in the car boot need never again add the cost of plastic bags to their shopping bill.

To see PlasticBoxShop’s flexi trugs and huge range of other storage solutions, visit its website at

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