February 2015


Keeping Your Home and Office Clear from Recycling Clutter

If you’re sick of managing recycling at work or if you’re overwhelmed by sorting rubbish at home, Plastic Box Shop has the solution you need with our stackable recycling products! With so many different materials to recycle, and rules regarding each one, it can be difficult to find a simple way to sort everything out. It’s not easy to create space for three or four different bins. Stackable boxes limit the space required and create a neat, tidy way to store recyclable waste. That’s why we stock the amazing Wham... Read More


Need Boxes for Moving Home? Cardboard versus Plastic? Here’s a Quick Guide

Moving Using Plastic Boxes Versus Cardboard Boxes We often having people phoning up and asking for boxes to move house.  Their first instinct is to ask do we sell cardboard storage boxes, and while yes we do. The benefits of plastic storage boxes can sometimes out way the benefits of cardboard boxes. Here’s our quick guide to help you decide……………. Cardboard storage box benefits: The material used to make cardboard boxes is cheaper Specific sizes can be made to order easier They can have better printing and graphic capabilities They... Read More


The Plastic Box Shop Top 5 Most Bizarre Uses for a Plastic Box

Our Box Boffin’s get all sorts of requests for plastic storage boxes of all shapes and sizes and to store all sorts of things. But every now and again we will get a corker of a request. Here’s our top 5 requests: Do you have a storage box to……………………………..   1. To store a cows leg 2. To wash a large dog 3.  To store plaster casts of footprints (very CSI!) 4. To use as a hedgehog house and our personal favourite….. 5.  To hold water in a car to... Read More