January 2015


7 Things You Never Knew About Plastic Box Shop

Over the last 10 years Plastic Box Shop has gone from strength to strength. The journey the company has gone on has been exciting and challenging but very rewarding. We wanted to reflect on Plastic Box Shops’ journey and share some interesting facts about us that you may  or may not know. Be warned there is some absolutely shameless name dropping! 1, We were very proud to be a supplier of boxes and other products to the London 2012 Olympics and the Glasgow 2014 Games 2. During his first appearance at... Read More


5 Top Tips To Get the Kids to Tidy Their Bedrooms

As a Mum I often got frustrated with my children not keeping their rooms tidy.  They would play and not tidy toys away. They would drop their clothes, towels and shoes literally where they stood.  They would rarely make their beds or bring old drinks glasses down to be washed to the point of mould!.  Every part of my house could look like an organised, clutter free clean haven, but when I walked in to my children’s bedrooms I might as well have been walking in to a jumble sale... Read More