Four-Box Challenge

Here at the Plastic Box Shop we are always looking for new ways to help people get on top of their clutter and work their way towards an organisational paradise. Although to some, organising may sound like a simple task of tidying up, for those who have families and live hectic lives this chore is more mountain than molehill.

What is the Four-Box Method?

Recently the Plastic Box team came across the ‘four-box’ method; a tried and tested technique which allows you to better manage your clutter. This easy, yet effective method can be conducted room-by-room or even throughout the house as a whole.

Essentially, you start with 4 plastic boxes, each with their own specific label recognising their purpose; trash, donate, keep and store.

Bin– Items which you intend to throw away.
Donate – Items which you intend to donate to charity.
Keep – Items which will remain in their current position and are to be kept.
Store – Items which you do not want to throw away but would be able to relocate and possibly stored.

The idea is that by sticking to a simple system, you can more effectively and more efficiently keep on top of your hordes of stuff and manage the organisational process more easily. We have often recognised that many people try to deal with numerous items of clutter at once and in the end lose track of where they are with things (often moving clutter to different locations ready for it to be organised later); this method would allow you to tackle each item individually and give you a way to store them in the interim.

The 4-Box Challenge

To trial this method, the team have approach a variety of bloggers/mums who lead busy lives looking after children while trying to manage and maintain a tidy home and asked them to take part in a 4-Box Challenge. Each participant will be tasked with using the four-box method – with boxes provided by Plastic Box Shop- documenting their progress as they tidy up. By doing this, we will be able to see exactly how effective and how practical the four-box method is.

Here is a list of our verified participants so that you can keep updated:-


Tanya Barrow
Michelle Ordever
Becky Goddard-Hill
Jax Blunt
Merry Raymond
Natasha Mairs
Louise Fairweather
Emma Vanstone
Agata Pokutycka
Hannah Igoe

We have also devised a simple flow chart to assist with those all important decisions as to which box certain items must go in. Each blogger has been given a copy of the flow chart, which can be found below and also downloaded here.

Plastic Box Shop 4-Box Challenge

Plastic Box Shop 4-Box Challenge


Competition Time!

As an additional reward, the blog with the biggest and best room transformation will be in with a chance of winning a prize £50 to spend on the online shop. This will be decided once everyone has completed the challenge and will be chosen by public vote across the Plastic Box Shop website and social media channels.

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