October 2014

Four-Box Challenge

Here at the Plastic Box Shop we are always looking for new ways to help people get on top of their clutter and work their way towards an organisational paradise. Although to some, organising may sound like a simple task of tidying up, for those who have families and live hectic lives this chore is more mountain than molehill. What is the Four-Box Method? Recently the Plastic Box team came across the ‘four-box’ method; a tried and tested technique which allows you to better manage your clutter. This easy, yet... Read More


5 Steps to an Easy Supermarket Checkout

No frills supermarkets means cheap prices and ridiculously fast checkouts with no bag packing allowed at the till. Use the Plastic Box Shop 5 step plan to a quick and easy shop, and waste no precious second of your life re-bagging at the shelf. In order to achieve this stress free shopping experience we recommend using two of our 40 litre large plastic flexi tubs instead of large bags. This is because the sides do not fold in on themselves and makes it so much quicker and easier to put... Read More