November 2013

Our PlasticBoxShop Mo-Bro’s are Raising Men’s Health Awareness in Movember

Three of the plasticboxshop team have joined Movember.  Not only is this a TASHtastic way to raise awareness and money for men’s mental and physical health issues, but it’s putting a smile on everyone’s faces.  Now that we are nearly half through the month the competition is hotting up. Currently in first place in the PlasticBoxShop Tash stakes we have Ash the Tash with his gingerly good effort.  In second place is Gary the boss with his tickly top lip, and in third place we have Daz with his stubbly schoolboy effort. At the... Read More

How to Make a Hedgehog Hideout from a 30lt Kitchen Recycling Box

How to make a hedgehog house from a 30lt Kitchen Recycling Box 1. Put the lid on the box 2. Now turn the box upside down, the access hole will be the door of the hedgehog home 3. The lid will become the floor of the hedgehog home 4.  Now put a hole in the back of the box and insert a ventilation pipe with the pipe pointing downwards so the rain cannot get in 5. Make it difficult for predators to get in, by cutting the bottom off the... Read More